Change Of Heart – Change Of God


“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” (NIV) Proverbs 27:19


Somewhere in our modernized, advanced society, we have created an assembly line God.

He is not a handcrafted, piece by piece assembled Rolls Royce deity.  He is a Yugo.  He is not a masterpiece collection of brush strokes in a Monet.  He is a tie-dyed t-shirt air brushed at the county fair.  He is not the succulent morsel of a gourmet chef to be savored.  He is one of eight billion served at the golden arches.

We speak of Him, but do we revere Him?  We acknowledge Him, but he is left on the shelf of impotence where we admire, not worship, how pretty He is.

Where does the fault lie for a diminishing God?  Is it the fault of a slick, Hollywood presentation church?  Is it the responsibility of the stuffy, pious, arrogant version?  Yes and yes!

Has the world gutted Him in the rise of humanism?  Have weak, accept-any-version-of-faith “believers” thrown him sacrificially on the altar of societal pressure for tolerance and acceptance, so we can all just get along? Yes and yes!

Or, have I, you, all of us, individually, who say we love, worship and believe in God, minimized Him, as we maximized ourselves.  An enlarged me shrinks God.  Even a “poor, ‘nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen’ me” says God isn’t big enough to fix the problem.  If I choose to see God, as He says He is, I grow smaller and smaller; my problems grow smaller and smaller; my failures grow smaller and smaller.

My world is not big enough for both of us!

It’s not “self-help” we need.  It’s God-help!  Paul said, “For me to die is Christ”.  Modern translation – “It’s either you or me, God!”  He chose Christ.  Not easily, not without failure, not without struggle; but he chose Christ.

We can’t serve two masters (and there are only two – God or me)!

God doesn’t need us to change the world or our “selves”.  We need God to change our hearts!  We need God to change how we see Him!  When God is seen as the God, He truly is, God will be God in our lives.

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