We All Started Out As The Little Train That Could


At some point, we were all the “little train that could”.  We were full of potential.  Fallibility did not exist.  Possibility was unlimited.  There was nothing we could not imagine doing.

Chalisa - Sunset - November 8 001We tried and succeeded.  We tried, again, and found success.  And, then something happened; somehow, somehow we may not yet understand; we tried and failed.  We refueled the fire in the locomotive and pushed on.  

We had not lost our faith.  We knew we could make it.  We still believed failure would not win!  We pushed and pushed and pushed; and we accomplished our goal, again.

And, life happened again …

We tasted failure, once more.  We tried to stoke the fire; we pushed ahead; we almost made it; but … we failed.  In the face of failure, we kept going, but lost control and … crash!

We derailed.  We called in the emergency crew.  We called in God.  We called in all our friends.  We rebuilt and got back on the track.

But … faster, faster, faster, faster … crash!

We didn’t call for help, as quickly, each time we’ve crashed.  We stop and consider if it’s worth the effort.  We’ve come to the point of wanting to quit.    

Truth is – We are all train wrecks.  Some are just prettier than others. 

The neighbor has crashed.  The pastor doesn’t have it all together.  The boss at work is a mess.  The success story you envy has failed before. 

You are not alone – we are all train wrecks!




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