I Found This Letter On My Desk When I Woke Up


October 1 - Mares - 2nd attempt 081

Dear Dad ~

He really was an annoying, little dog!  Believe me, I know.  I never knew a dog, who knew less, but thought he knew more. 

We, dogs, like to watch you, humans.  Actually, we just stare, laugh under our breaths, shake our heads without moving them, and listen.  If the human race is the “higher order”, we, all of us, live in desperate times. 

So, Dad, remember …

You are not weak because you still miss him! 

However, do not miss him for being gone; but for not being here!  The first is selfishly about you.  The second is about him and something you shared.

He left us on his own terms. 

He did not want to be anywhere else but lying on the porch with his head in your lap when he took his last breath.  We should all be so lucky.

Feel sad!  It does not make you weird, overly emotional, or weak.

Emotions separate us from the walking dead, who breathe, but have never had their breath taken away. Pain is pleasure turned inside out.  Love is hate with a new paint scheme.  Loss is gain once removed from the last loss but hopeful for the next gain.

He forgave you for anything mean you ever said. 

Humans should learn to forgive and forget.  Your “I’m sorry, Cinchy”, was all he needed to hear.  He wanted reconciliation more than he wanted to be right, pout, or blame.  He wanted to write a new story more than keep record of an old one. 

He thought you were great, actually, he thought you were amazing (by the way, so do I). 

I think humans need to learn to be petted, patted and listen for the next “Good boy, good boy (or girl, as the case may be)!”  Our lives were better because we listened when you told us you loved us. 

There is a time!  There is a time for everything! 

When you feel all the emotions you feel, whether is it about Cinch or anything else, you are closer to glorifying God and being who you were created to be than any other.  Hiding or controlling your emotions does not make you a man.  It does make you one of the “existing”, who breathes, but is dying and doesn’t even know it.  It is not who God intended you to be.

He loved you!

Love those, who hate you.  They need it the most.  Love those, who like you.  It is easier but will feel unsettling to them.  Love those, who love you, more than they could know.  It has so much potential for loss, but it is worth every terrifying moment.

You do not have to forget him!

Hang on to your memories.  They are a kiss on the forehead of our minds.  Live all the next moments as the birthplace of all the great memories you never want to forget.

Forget what you don’t have; cherish what you do!

Not once, have I ever looked down and screamed, “Oh God, Cowboy, you are missing a leg!”  I’ve always just been grateful for three great ones.  It is not a matter of all the other dogs have four legs and I am strange, but everyone else does not have three and they are just “average”.

He loved you! 

By the way, so do I.


As you like to say, and it always made us chuckle …



August 7 123

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