Right Is Not Always Easy!


There may not always be an easy choice.  There may not always be a good choice.  There will always be a right choice.  We just want the right one to be the easy, good one.

Brothers Til Death by Christopher Johnson

An excerpt from “Brothers Till Death” by Christopher L. Johnson.

“He had learned knowing himself and knowing the enemy helped to assure him of a victorious outcome, but it didn’t make the battle any less bloody.  Even after the demons’ capture and capitulation to Chris’ will, a relentless commitment was required to maintain their captivity through mental health, rational thought, God’s strength and prayer.  As those protectors of the captivity grew stronger, his vulnerability to demonic, unhealthy, destructive forces waned.  

If the negative overran the strengths, he chose to open the door and free the monster.  Progress was measured in the duration of the period of the demons’ destructive influence.  The question each time was how long Chris would allow them to run free. 

He loved the power of choice and hated it.  It placed all the responsibility squarely on his shoulders.  He loathed the image of being a cowardly submissive, who allowed someone or something to push him toward the door.  It was a pathetic psychological surrender of his autonomy.  It might be past memories of his father, a woman in a past relationship or some memory of a past failure which fought for the release of the demons.  If he walked toward the door with the key, the demons mockingly howled at the sight of Chris choosing to open the door. ”


(“Brothers Till Death” is available for download on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and on this website.)  

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