Do You Lose Your Sight In The Dark?

“In the night we stumble over things …, but the day reveals the unity which embraces them. And the man whose inner vision is bathed in consciousness … realizes that peace is an inner harmony and not an outer adjustment, that beauty carries the assurance of our relationship to reality, which waits for its perfection in the response of our love.”

Rabindranath Tagore

 moon - july 24 030

Some days, my days appear to be nights.  I’m the one wandering down the hallway of a strange building in the dark.  I walked in hopeful.  I was confident as the light pierced the darkness inside.  My first step was illuminated.  It was taken by me.   

The slam of the door behind me separated me from the familiar.  I was plunged into the depths of the unknown.  It is not a structure of walls of brick and mortar.  They are formed by consequences and choices.  Both belonged to me. 

I cannot go back.  Regression is failure.  I must move forward.  My presence within the walls will produce growth.  I am afraid.  On the other side, I may recognize I should not have entered.  I have no option but to find my way.   

For a moment, darkness swallows me.  Its envelope is only temporary, but it will feel as an eternity.  There is no intent to my step.  I creep along. I reach out my hands and feel the walls.  The reality is cold.  I know light is out there.  Somewhere! 

I will stumble.  I’ll fall.  Stumbling comes from a lack of vision.  I know there are unseen obstacles.  They are placed there by others.  I have my own barriers.  One is the absence of light.  The greatest would be the lack of sight.  I cannot see, but I am not blind.  In the dark, I do not lose insight.  Darkness is lifted in my mind, not from my eyes. 

It will come to my eyes when I have moved through this phase.  When I reach the door on the other side of this phase, I will push it open.  Light will return.  I will see my way more clearly.

Candles 006I will appreciate the journey.  I will respect the darkness.  I will relish the light.




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