It’s All About The Mind

Have you ever lost your mind? 

Have you ever had to apologize because your mind was “somewhere else”? 

Have you ever been out of your mind?   

August 20 021Remember the commercial?  We use it as a punchline for jokes.  First, it was the nice, calm voice pointing out your brain, as an egg, without drugs.  Then, the screen switches to the egg sizzling in the frying pan; a dramatic pause is inserted to allow us to see and hear the egg cooking; and then, the deep, forceful voice in the background saying “This is your brain on drugs!”

Truth is, it is all about our minds. 

We go where we want to go; choose to go; think about going.  Where are thoughts are determines where we are, even if we aren’t actually there.  We can be physically in one place and be a million miles away in our thoughts. 

No wonder we are told to renew our minds with good things and to think upon good things.  It is our mind which determines everything.  We truly are what we think, not what we think we are.

No question about it, our hearts can make us feel emotions so strongly it makes thinking almost impossible.  Past experiences, like abuse and neglect, can scar us so deeply our thoughts are skewed.  Our humanness means there is a battle raging between thought and emotion, every day. 

But, in the end, it is our mind which decides what we will do.  We can want one thing, but know we should do something else.  We can want it so much, we ignore what we know is better, righter, not as dangerous, less destructive, more mature or more godly. 

The struggle is whether we do what we know we should do or do what we want!  

Drugs aren’t the only mind controlling substance.  Alcohol isn’t the only mind-numbing substance.  There is a plethora of other equally powerful, mind-altering toxicants. 

My personal, life experience has created a medicine cabinet full of bottle after bottle of my own narcotics.  There are bottles of selfishness, self-centeredness, fear and doubt.  If that’s not enough, I have stashes of doubt, disbelief, distrust and lack of belief in anything hidden where I know I can find them.  If I need “a fix”, they are there for me, calling my name. 

When emotions come firing at me; when someone close takes shots at me; when life doesn’t seem fair; I just decide “renewal” of my mind in good things or I go find some emotion to taint my brain and alter my decision.

Either way, it is still my decision.  I still suffer the consequences.  It is my life!  It may belong to God, but the direction it will take is up to me and my choices.

August 7 123Just remember, frying pan or not, your brain (mind) is a terrible thing to waste!




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