Chasing Sunsets or Enjoying The Sunshine?

Sunset and Wicker 047

A few years ago, I decided to chase sunsets.  One fall evening, the sky stretched out like a divine canvas upon which the Master Painter brushed His masterpiece.  This was my chance!

Of course, Cinch and Cowboy asked to go along as co-pilot and navigator, so they jumped in with me.  We were going to find that illusive “perfect photo”.  As flat as Indiana can be, it would not be easy to find a good location without obstruction. 

The first stop had a good view; but … I was too late and the sun had already disappeared over the horizon.  The next stop had a better view; but again …, I was too late.  Next thing I know, I’m crisscrossing countless country roads chasing a sunset.    

I finally “caught up” and jumped out of my truck; ran out in a field; dropped down to my knees to get the right angle; snapped thirty or forty pictures; and the sunset was already gone.  I ran back to my truck; turned around in the middle of the road; and chased it again. 

Sunrise - October 9 010By the time we headed home, there was only glow left in my rearview mirror.  I realized I had never come close to “catching” the sunset.  It was actually thousands of miles away from me.  I thought I was close, but I could never catch it.

Isn’t that what most of us do all the time? 

We chase something we can never catch.  We’ve caught a glimpse of its beauty.  We’ve enjoy a few moments of contentment.  Our spirit has been touched by something deep and warm, as the curtain drops on the end of another day.  We want that feeling all day, every day.  Tomorrow, we’ll keep chasing it. 

walk - January 19 002I feel sorry for sunrises.  Sunsets gets all the glory.  The rising sun is often something we dread.  It signals the start of a new day of work, effort and pressure.   Sunsets are appreciated.  We stop to bask in the fleeting beauty of its multi-colored luminescent streaks and threads. 

It’s the emotional stimulation of a beautiful sunset to which we are drawn.  However, it would not ever happen, if not for the sunshine of the day which precedes it.  The sunset signifies the end.  The sunrise represents the beginning of life-giving and sustaining power to our lives. 

“Chasing sunsets” is how we often approach life.  We want the emotional charge of the fleeting moments of a sunset rather than the consistent energy of the sun throughout the day. 

It’s the rush of a few moments we crave, not the contentment of something lasting and steady.  In the end, the sunshine, not the sunset, will nurture us; keep us living; allow us to develop as we were divinely designed.


Look Up, Enjoy The Sun and LivExceptionally Today,


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