The Eyes – Our Windows Of The Soul


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Although I’ve always believed Shakespeare to be the writer, I now know there is great debate as to the author of the phrase “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”  Although no one seems to know exactly who said it; scientific studies confirm the author was right.  We can look into the eyes of another person and get a sense of what kind of person they are.

For years, I made a living looking into the eyes of other people or taking note of the fact that they couldn’t look me in the eye.  But as I experience my struggles with trying to live differently and see my life slowly begin to change, I also believe that my eyes have become the window for my soul to view the world.  Yes, they physically see the things around me; but they have become the method by which my soul sees the world, too.

When we connect our daily living to the essence of our souls in such a way we live consistent with who we are, our eyes begin to see the world as our soul views it.  The focus of our eyes changes; subsequently, the world as we see it changes.

As we live “fully alive”, “exceptionally”, “with clarity”, and/or “consistent with whom we are designed to be” our vision is not obscured.  The windows – our eyes – to the world become clear as glass and we see our lives, our place in the world around us and the world more clearly than we ever have before.  We see others as they “truly are”, not as we imagine them to be.

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If our souls and our living are inconsistent; then our eyes see the world with blurred vision.  The glass is obscured by the disjointed relationship between our activities and our soul’s condition.   Our focus is fragmented.  We are unable to see the world clearly.

How’s your vision today?




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