Do You Trust? Everyone? Someone? No One?


How many acquaintances do you have?  How about friends?  Not the Facebook kind; the real ones?  Do you have a “bff” or more than one (if that’s possible)?

Trust everyone?  You’re a gullible fool!  Trust no one?  You’re a cynic.  Trust everyone?  You’re labeled a “believer in the goodness of everyone”.  Trust no one?  You’re anti-social. 

San Diego - Thanksgiving Morning 004We meet; we like; we love; we wonder.  We must decide how much further we will go.  Will it be an adventure to something, yet, unexperienced?  Are we willing to risk it?  Will we travel to places luxurious and unknown?  Will we be the one sitting in the concourse watching others soar to new heights?  Will skepticism and brokenness leave us safely stagnate? 

If our destination is “something more”, we must board.  If intimacy is our desire, we must check our baggage of pain and disappointment.  We may walk past the cockpit without considering the flight record of the pilot.  We might look glaringly through the doorway.  Regardless of who sits at the controls – God, fate, chance or love – we want to feel some reassurance. 

Anticipation pushes us to find our seat and await departure.  Hope prepares us for take-off.  We push through anxiety and leave the safety of what has become comfortable to us.  We begin to settle in and trust makes us feel “free to move about the cabin”. 

“White lies” and small indiscretions are the bumps.  Deceit and failure are the turbulence which throws us back into our seats; strapping ourselves in; assuming the “crash position”; praying for a safe landing. 

“Trusting” or not, we have all chosen to try again.  We’ve bought our ticket and boarded for travel to something deeper in our friendships, partnerships, relationships and marriages will not exist.  We know one thing is undeniable – we want more!

There are no guarantees.  “Once a cheat; always a cheat” may or may not be true.  “Fool me once; shame on you.  Fool me twice; shame on me” might be an old adage which shields us from pain or prevents joy.

CompainionshipIn the end, truth is – we might land safely; we might crash and burn.  We will never know until we arrive.




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