Cincinnati People 049It was a vicious, blood-letting, win or die game of Scrabble, yesterday.  The snow came and came outside, so we stayed and stayed in. 

“P-O-N-Y” for 18 points!

Sometimes, our choices are good.  We’ve been given a lot to work with.  The options are plentiful and clear.  We make our play and are rewarded.

“E-V-E” for 12 points!

Sometimes, the opportunities aren’t everything we’d hoped for.  We just can’t seem to get the chance to do something better.  We just have to be satisfied with just being ok.

“F-I-T” for 5 points!

And then, there are times all we have, all the possible choices, all the opportunities, well, they suck!  We have nothing to work with.  It’s not that we don’t try hard.  We’ve given it a lot of thought.  We’ve considered all the possible moves.  And, nothing; nothing but five points!

What’s next when it sucks?

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Reach back in the bag and pull out some new chances.  You can call it fate which places what is new in your hands.  It might be you think it’s completely random and chance determines the pieces.  In Scrabble or life, I believe the God of the Universe knows the letters I’ll choose, but it’s still my flesh covered spirit which makes the choices.

I determine the next move.  The alternatives have been placed in my hands.  I organize (well or not); consider (clearly or not); choose (selfishly or not); and accept (maturely or not) the results.  In the end, I’m still trying to win.  I want the highest score possible. 

On a board sitting on our dining room table, it’s all about the points awarded.  Winning or losing is simple.  Get more points than Dee Dee; I win!  Remove the game and insert my life; the outcome isn’t about points.  God isn’t holding a pad of paper counting tiles and seeing if I hit a “Triple Letter” or a “Double Word” score.

He is only watching to see if I’m still sitting at the table considering where I am.  Do I have too many “I’s”?  Is it all about me?  Put too much emphasis on me; I end up playing “F-I-T”.  It is the “I” which has limited the potential.

He wants to know if I’m evaluating choices as I “play” along with and in unison with the woman I love.   If it’s about “us” not me, we benefit each other.  Her “D-O-L-L-A-R-S” for 22 points gives me the opportunity to add to the “S” and play “A-X” and “A-S” for 33 points!  She laid the groundwork laid.  I added to it.  The results are greater than if I had played alone.

This morning at 4:30 a.m., the board is still sitting there on the table.  The game got suspended by dinner and a movie sitting on the couch.  It’s not over.  There is still victory and defeat to be determined. 

Today, another day given to me, is waiting to see what I’ll do.

When my alarm went off this morning, I reached into the back of tiles and pulled out new choices.  God already knew what they’d be.  He knew before I even existed.  Now, it’s about me.  What will I do with what I’ve been given, today?  I could have too many vowels; not enough consonants.  I may have a “Q” without a “U”.  No one ever said it will be easy or works out perfectly.

I guess I could decide not to continue.  I could just walk away from what I hold in my hands.  What I leave behind still belongs to me.  The choices were mine.  I would have chosen and the result will be “O”!

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With your first step today, the tiles are there in front of you.  What will you decide?  What reward awaits you?


“L-I-V-E-X-C-E-P-T-I-O-N-A-L-L-Y” for 116 points (Double Word Score + 50 point bonus for using all my tiles)


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