Little “g”; Big “G” Decides If I’m A Humanist!


“Who needs God?  He is an outdated illusion created in the fairy tales of the ignorant!  I’m self-sufficient and able to handle life on my own.”

Atheism?  “I believe in science and there is no evidence of God!” 

Agnosticism ?  “He cannot be seen; therefore, I’m unsure of his existence!” 

Disinterested-ism?  “I believe in God, but I can’t fit him in my schedule!” 

Apathetic-ism?  “I believe He’s there, but oh, well!”

The label matters as little as the explanation.  Each is different.  All are the same.  Each demotes God.  All elevate man.

Cincinnati People 049Call them whatever you want.  Call them scientific, intellectual or logical.  Call them irreverent, ungodly or illogical.  At their core, they are all humanism disguised as a smooth, subtle, dangerous self-centric view of life which says one thing – “I (man/woman) am greater than God.

Atheists or agnostics don’t enroll in “Humanism 101” and decide to become one.  Defiance or doubt is a product in believing in the significance of man.  The disinterested or apathetic think highly of who they are, so God is irrelevant or unnecessary.  All become who they are based on their own importance and explaining their place in the universe.   

Most people recoil at anyone claiming to be an atheist.  It’s extreme!  We point our fingers.  We look skeptically at an agnostic.  It’s too much indecision.  We want them to make up their mind!  “Disinterested” or “apathetic” are so commonplace, we don’t even flinch. 

But, we, like all of them, must answer – Are we the “be all, end all”?

The atheist, agnostic, disinterested and apathetic answers, boldly or with some apprehension, “Yes, I am!”  If we conclude we are not the final authority on/in our existence, we must determine if it is a little “g” god or big “G” God out there, somewhere. 

Harsh as it may be, to answer – “god” – makes us humanists of a different color.  We are prettier, more acceptable, more mainstream; but we are humanists.  We don’t like the label, but our lives prove it to be true. 

Acceptance of His existence and denial of His rightful place makes me a humanist.  Many, many days of my life have been lived elevating me, my knowledge, my needs, my wants to a place higher than God.  I’ve taken away the “big G” and given Him a little “g”.  He was only something to consider, not to worship.

If I give Him his “G”, the big one, my life must change.  My living cannot proclaim my autonomy while I worship Him.  I cannot sing His praises and live as I want.  The clash makes me a humanist or a hypocrite. 

untitled-0572The fight between “Me-ism” (humanism) rages in every moment.  It’s not a philosophical debate!  It’s a real, how will I choose to live, make a choice each moment war.

The fight is won or lost simply –   

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15

Choose Exceptionally Today,


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