Is Broken Really Broken?

Nothing changes the past, just like nothing can fix this tree.  But in its brokenness came a picture and from the picture came thoughts.  From the thoughts came growth in my life and in lives of others, who have said that the picture and words have had a positive influence on their life.  That is a real life example of “all things work together for good.”

“All things work together for good” is not the introduction or the conclusion of a fairy tale.  It’s a biblical principle of how things that appear to be one way are often something completely different when we look beyond the surface, how our perspective can control our vision and how the story is often not written until the last chapter.

I don’t know the conclusion of my story.  I know the next chapter will begin with getting up and trying to live exceptionally.  Hopefully, I will have the courage to continue to open my life to introspection and I will be strong enough to remove whatever impedes my growth.   And then and only then, after the pain, can healing – emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually – occur in my life.   

Within that process “all things work together for good”.  


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