Have We Reached For The Fruit?


Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, God took an incredible risk.  He created man and gave his image-bearer the unlimited potential to think.  He could have conceived a mindless clone, who would have been content to exist without the ability to make decisions.  Instead, in his divine sovereignty, He chose free will would flow through our souls.

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God knew the outcome of the freedom.  He knew given a chance to live free without any rules, except one, man would choose to do what he was forbidden to do.  The Garden of Eden wasn’t enough.  The one fruit of one tree was the one we had to have.

That one choice is our starting point.  From one decision the course of mankind was initiated.

It was the belief of who God is and was which pushed Eve to reach out when she should have walked away.  It was the weakness of Adam to follow God which doomed the human race.

Without a Garden, without a tree in its midst, we choose what to do with God.  We start with who He is.  Everything flows from there.  It is our starting point.  It determines our ending.

A denial of God sets us free to do as we wish.

An acknowledgment of His existence might add a dose of guilt to a splash of accountability, but we are still the “captain of our own ship”.

A part-time God in our lives tears at our conscience, as we forfeit and recapture control of our own course.

Surrendering our lives, willingly, cautiously or reluctantly, to God means we make choices, but all within the confines of divine direction.

In essence, what I believe about God portrays itself in my life.  It is the core of my existence.  God is not incorporated into my belief system like whether I’m democrat or republican.  It is not a supplement to my personality type, as a gregarious person or a loner.  That one question – “Who Is God?” – determines everything.

A decision, later in life to deny God’s existence or to make Him the center of our lives, dramatically changes who we are.  Evicting God from the mix of our lives changes everything, as would moving God from the whirlwind of our existence into the center.

In the final analysis, who God is to us determines where He will be in our lives.  He cannot be God, as He is described in scripture, and not be the Sun in our solar system.


Relegated to one of many forces in our life, He stops being who He is truly is.  When we define Him, limit Him, relegate Him to something other than The God; we have immediately made him not God.

And when we do, we have replaced him as the Sun.  We, too, have reached for the fruit.




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