The Tomb Is Empty!


“The tomb is empty!  The tomb is empty!  The tomb is empty!”

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The words echoed down the narrow streets.  Today, it would have been the headline on every major network; trending on Twitter and gone viral on Facebook by noon.  Two thousand years ago, it ripped people from their sleep.  Crowds gathered in the city square.  It shook the walls of the temple.  It reverberated through palace halls.

With those four words, Pilate would realize he had allowed the crucifixion of the Son Of God.  Washing his hands of this man would not have cleansed his guilt stained soul.  His shoulders would carry the weight of his decision to his grave.

With those four words, Sadducees and Pharisees would call meetings to discuss their answers to the question, “Was he the Messiah?”  The power of the law had been mortally wounded by a common man, the son of a carpenter.  Those, who had screamed “Crucify him!” would whisper, “What have we done?”

With those four words, the Roman soldier, who had won the garment of this man named “Jesus”, would stare at it sitting on his bed in the barracks.  Yesterday, he held it in his hands and bragged over it as a trophy of cruelty.  Today, he was afraid the shame of touching it would sear his soul.

With those four words, the love ones of Judas would have hid in shame at the betrayal of the King of Kings.  Quietly, they had retrieved his body and mourned the loss of their son.  “Thirty pieces of silver” had been the price of a family legacy.

With those four words, history had been changed!  Four words made faith real!  They had come alive in the body of a risen Savior!

Believers rejoiced!  They had seen God in flesh.  He had fulfilled every promise.  Brutality had not changed his spirit.  He loved and forgave until his last breath.

Skeptics wondered! Was there still time to still confess their disbelief?  In death and resurrection they had been given the chance to “Behold the Lamb Of God which taketh away the sins of the world”!

Disbelievers conceded!  They could propose explanations, but in their heart they knew. They had been dead wrong in a bloody cross.  An empty tomb was undeniable truth.

This is not just another holiday of pretty dresses, family get-togethers and packed churches.  It is the day beyond all other days.

Kit Kat is born

Christmas is the lightning rod.

lightning 049

Good Friday the storm.

Sunrise - October 9 007

Easter is the lightning bolt.

 On the first Easter, the power of the God Of The Universe was unleashed.  Fulfillment of prophecy tore through the fabric of traditional religion.  A rolled away stone dropped the world to its knees.  An empty tomb empowered faith with reality instead of hope.

If you believe, STOP!  Consider “The tomb is empty!”  It is everything!

If you don’t believe, STOP!  Consider “The Tomb is empty!”  It is everything or it is nothing!





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