Today, I Don’t Want To Do It!

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If you are looking for inspiration, just turn away now.  Find Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen.  They always seem to lift the spirits of the downtrodden and discouraged. 

But, as for me, it’s not that way today.

Why did I get up at 4 in the morning?  Why did I get out my Bible and read?  Why did I pray?  Why did I sit down, again, at my desk and start typing when I really had nothing to say?

I have no idea!  And, I’m not sure if anyone cares!

Why did you do it?  Why did you get up today; lace up your proverbial boots and head out into the world? Did you have nothing better to do?  Was it nothing but obligation, responsibility, adulthood, habit which grabbed us by the back of the neck and pushed us out the door? 

Is there anything more to what we do than we have to do it?

Today, honestly, I have no idea!  And, I’m not sure anyone cares!

Here’s the only possible explanation for me today – “You’ve come too far to let anyone say, ‘No!’”  It’s written on the chalkboard I keep leaning in the window in my office.  It’s my new motto.  Its only job is to provide motivation to keep me going.

And, today, it’s all I got!

I know how far I’ve come.  I know I believe I’m not supposed to stop. 

Sometimes, I want to scream, “Why?”  Today, I want to yell it, but not silently or in a room by myself.  Not today!  It just won’t do!

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I want to stand on my front porch; reach down inside my guts; hold nothing back and let it roar from somewhere deep inside of me.  I want it to rumble through the streets of heaven.  I want God to hear my pain.  I want Him to answer me.  Forget about anything so spiritual.

Actually, I want it to shake the houses of Peru and the Geiger Counter needle to redline in Kokomo.  I want someone, anyone, everyone to take notice.  I want to be heard!

And, today, it’s all I got!  And, I’m not sure anyone cares!

Every day, people drag their feet and shuffle into the workplace.  There is a collective sigh, as they push open the front door of work.  They drop into their chair behind their desk; pick up their pencil and endure.  Attention is focused only on the clock on the wall.  It’s only quitting time which matters.

They, we, me are asking “Why? What’s the point?”

I wish I had an answer.  I’ve got nothing to offer.  And, I’m not sure anyone cares!

Oh, I could talk about destiny, God’s calling, a sense of purpose; but really, today, it’s nothing so dramatic.  It’s just, I have to!  I’d feel lazy and irresponsible if I pulled the covers over my head and say, “#%*# it!”

And, today, that’s all I got!  And, I’m not sure anyone cares! 


LivExceptionally As You Can,


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