Man Is The Answer. Now, What’s The Question?

If God is there to be found, why do we not find Him?

It’s not He, who hides; but we, who fail to search.  Our society boldly asks, “Who needs God?”  And defiantly answers, “Not us!” 

Years ago, philosophy textbooks and brilliant minds standing in lecture halls declared “God Is Dead!”  He was an outdated illusion created in the fairy tales of the ignorant!    

In response, bible toting preachers unleashed hellfire and brimstone from the pulpit.  They warned us of humanistic, anti-God terrorists seeking to destroy the moral fabric of society. 

We now know it was another false alarm sounded by right-wing, conservative Christians.  Humanism was dead, not God. We breathed a sigh of relief because the academic study of a philosophical mindset never passed beyond the hallowed halls of institutions of higher learning. 

And then, it all went away. 

Not so quickly, my friend!  Humanism is not dead.  It’s alive and well in the streets.  It’s a new, improved, more subtle, easy to swallow, difficult to detect version.  But, it is there!

Sunrise in DC 075It is there in the chest pumping athlete, who says, “Look at me!  Look at me!” It peeks from the hole of godlessness in our politicians, who reject morals, values and ethics.  It roars from the dark shadows behind each new movement and special interest group, who expect tolerance for the latest deviation from traditional societal norms. 

It is humanism dressed up as “Man-ism”, “Woman-ism” and “Me-ism”!

The ego of society is so unlimited it believes it can create, identify and solve the problem.  The answer begins and ends with one thing – humanness.  Nothing is greater than man.  God is irrelevant.  He has been dismissed as insignificant in the origin of man; the birth (or non-birth) of man; the life of man and the eternal destination of man. 

And, let there be no doubt, we are better off!  Look at us! 

We are the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, intelligent people in the history of mankind.  We have survived wars, domestic attacks, droughts and floods.  We are so prosperous it has become our gospel.  We have accomplished it all without prayer, blessings or God’s assistance. 

Man is the answer! 

Cincinnati People 049But, if he is, how do we answer the questions?

Why do we create new pharmaceuticals in record numbers for the most depressed, chemically dependent, addicted society in history of the world?

Why do we have to fence in national parks and wildlife refuges to protect nature from our vociferous appetites to consume every natural resource, commodity and product?

Why do we reduce technology from a room-size, immovable IBM computer to a mobile microchip in a wristwatch then complain our privacy has been taken from us?

Why do we claim to have eliminated wars, then spend all our days talking suicides, homicides, infanticides, apartheids and genocides happening all around the world?


The answer is simple – Man is the answer!

The humanists were right – God is dead!  Not because He died, but because society killed Him in the name of irrelevance, apathy and superiority. 

Man is the answer!  God is unnecessary.  We should be very proud.




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