Letters From Cinch and Cowboy


August 20 021Dear Lesser Half Of The Man’s Best Friend Equation:

We have this guy, who drives that white truck over there on the other side of the garage.  (You all would call him my “owner”.  Personally, I think it’s a demeaning term, but you, humans, aren’t as progressive, as we, canines; so, we’ll go with it.) He writes to you all the time. 

Every day, he gets up at some obscene hour and sits at his computer.  He doesn’t even come out to see me, first.  No, he leaves me in the garage while he sits on the front porch; holding his coffee; thinking about what words will come from his brain and out his fingertips.

Well, I think it’s time I write, so I stole his laptop.  Me and Cowboy have it in the garage. 

Anyway, he takes me and Cowboy with him almost everywhere.  We get out at the barn and I help him move horses.  He couldn’t do it without me.  If it wasn’t for me nipping at their heels, they wouldn’t listen.  My “owner” doesn’t know it, but I do.  Cowboy, on the other hand, just lies here or there watching. 


I think he’s lazy, but he’s cranky; so I just leave him alone.

Other times, we wait in the truck for our “owner” (man, it hurts to type that word).  I can’t wait to see him walking towards the truck.  I get all excited.  It shows all over my face.  Cowboy just lies in the backseats, as if he doesn’t care.  I know the truth.  I see his little, chopped off, nub of a tail wagging.  He thinks he’s so cool; but he’s cranky, so I just leave him alone.

As we drive down the road, I bounce from window to window; front to back.  I’m all over the place.  There are things out there in the world passing us by which need my help.  Like the farmer, who left those cows in the field over there; I’m sure he needs me to chase them back to the barn. 

Cowboy just stretches out in the front seat and plops his head in the lap of our “owner” (sickening, just sickening!), who writes you every day.  He begs to be petted.  All he cares about is love and attention.  I think he’s kind of pathetic; but he’s cranky, so I just leave him alone.

Not me!  I’m the responsible one.  I watch the road and other drivers.  The man, who writes you every day, needs me to help him drive and choose our path.   Whether it’s an hour drive or five minutes, I’m also whining about problems; yelping about my worries; or barking to let him know of all the possible dangers.

And, Cowboy? 

He just lays there.  He only wants love.  I think he’s lazy, but he’s cranky; so I just leave him alone.

Thanks for listening,


P.S.  Under protest Cowboy wants the laptop.  He says he has a few things to say to you.  He’s so cranky! 

Scenery - December 26 153Dear Loving, Petting, Feeding Better Half Of The Man’s Best Friend Equation:

Ignore whatever Cinch said.  I didn’t even give him the satisfaction of reading it; but I know him; so I have a pretty good idea what he wrote.  Our owner (God, I love the idea of being loved and owned.); “Chris”, as he is known to you; “Dad” to me; loves him for some reason.  Personally, he’s a pain in the butt; so I just leave him alone.

Anyway, I’m the wiser of the two of us; by far!  Cinch can’t enjoy anything.  Work, work, work, work!  Bark, bark, bark!  Horses need moved.  Cows need taken to the barn.  Jump around the truck; whine and fuss; lick the windows; cry and bark.  It never stops!  What a pain in the butt; so I just leave him alone.

He thinks because I don’t get all excited when my owner comes back to the truck, I’m missing something.  Actually, I’m overjoyed, but I knew he was coming back.  He loves me, so I knew he wouldn’t leave me.  I trust my owner with my life.  I know he’ll take care of me.  I just want to feel his touch.

He loves me; so why would I worry?  He takes care of my needs.  He knows where we are going; and since I can’t hold the steering wheel in my paws (of which I only have three), I’m dependent on him.

Scenery - December 27 116Cinch can’t stand to let him do it on his own.  He actually thinks he needs to help.  You’d think after a few, a hundred, a thousand trips, the dumb pup would get it.  We can trust him.  But, as I said, he’s a pain in the butt, so I just leave him alone.

Oh, oh, we just got busted! 

Our owner (Cinch said to say he still hates that word!) just came out in the garage.  He saw us using his laptop.  We are in big trouble.  I told Cinch we’d get caught.  He’s such a pain in the butt!

Now, we have to give it back to him.

Gotta go,


It is true!  I caught them with my laptop!

However, I did read what they wrote.  It’s pretty good, really. 

Kind of reminds me of me.  Cowboy and Cinch painted a great picture of my struggle with traveling along with God in this journey of faith. 

I guess they are pretty smart dogs.

November 5 - Scenery 089


Just a thought, which are you – Cinch or Cowboy?




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