Are You Two-Faced? Three? Four?


I was thinking of a conversation I had with another photographer more than a year ago. 

At the time, she was involved in the compilation of a professional portfolio of self-portraits of “the many sides of herself”.   Until she shared, I’d never heard of the concept. 

January 6 Snow Storm 015The theory is self-portraits reveal and capture multiple facets of the artist’s inner-self.  From a professional perspective, potential clients see her artistic and creative abilities.  It had become more.  She was discovering truth about herself in the process.  It had become a struggle to reveal faces of her “selves”.  In fact, she labeled one picture as the “one I hate the most”.

As we talked, I recalled how twenty-five years ago this same lady had worked for me in my law office.  She was a young, immature, struggling single mother trying to find “work”, not a career.  Over the years through relentless commitment and effort, she has become an accomplished professional.  

She reminded me of the endless lecturing I used to do “back in the day”.  She told me one particular phrase had stuck in her mind over the years – “Don’t dummy yourself down to be accepted by others.”

Like so many, she hid her intelligence behind “young and attractive”.   She wasn’t (and isn’t) the only young man or woman to hide behind looks, talents, silence, “clowning around” or a tough guy/gal attitude.  For all of us, our comfort zone is often defined by appearance rather than substance. 

Pistol RunningLife is often a full circle.  We are stuck on a treadmill.  We expend effort.  We are moving our feet.  But, we never get anywhere.  We are left exhausted, disappointed and ready to give up. 

We must have a destination or we will never know if we are on course or off on a detour.  A new, better version of us must be the goal.  No one wants to be the same as when we started. 

In her particular journey, she had one “face” she projected to everyone.  It protected her from being known by anyone.  Her appearance was her wall.  At the stage of her journey when we talked, she dreaded revealing what once had been her persona.  The more complete version of who she had become made the “old her” irrelevant and insignificant.  Substance had trumped appearance.

We all have many faces.  We were “fearfully and wonderfully” made by our Creator.  We naturally lean on our strengths.  We hide our faults, but often hide behind an illusion called image.  In so doing, we fail to reveal who we are to the world.  We are not the only victim.  The world is deprived of all of our greatness. 

IMG_0933Don’t hide your greatness today!




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