Fill Up The Syringe – Plunge The Needle Deep!


“Boring” sucks; so does “normal”; add in “mundane”; might as well toss in the “routine”.  It is all we got, isn’t it?  Unfortunately, it’s what we live with day after day after day after ….  It is the same thing over and over and over – work, home, family, sleep, wake and start all over again.Cincinnati People 081 - Copy

No wonder we are losing our minds in record numbers!  We are the medicated, sedated nation dining on a diet of Prozac and Zoloft chased with a shot of Valium.  It is what it is.  Might as well, just lie back and endure.

Not so fast, my fine-feathered friends (as Batman used to say); I will pass!

Pumpkinfest - October 7 339I want the “and fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow” feeling of a lead guitarist tearing it up on the stage.  (And, I’ve never played a note.)  I want the spine-tingling shiver, goosebumps causing, glass shattering notes reverberating through the concert hall from the soloist or choir.  (And, I can’t sing a lick.)  Let the standing room only crowd rise to its feet and roar with applause.

Wait, I want more …

I want the exhilaration of the come from behind, time expiring, Super Bowl winning touchdown pass from the young gunslinger quarterback to the retiring wide receiver in his last game.  Give me the lane driving, double pumping, rising above the rim, shaking the backboard slam-dunk.  Throw in the hats flying in the air celebration on the mound after a perfect game in the World Series.

Oh, but I’m not done …

112I never want to stop slowing down on country roads, so I can watch a deer running free across snow covered fields.  Don’t ever let me consider turning away from puppies bathing my face in kisses.  Take my breath away every time horses are coming down the stretch at the Kentucky Derby or running for the barn at dinnertime.  Stop me in my steps at the sight of the eagle and hawk soaring above against a pure blue, cloudless sky.

That’s not enough …

IMG_1129When the worship band praises the Creator, may the tears never stop burning my cheeks.  Let my brain never stop relishing the thought of Isaiah being in the presence of the Almighty, but being unable to look upon the God of the Universe.  With each sunrise and sunset, may my heart always skip a beat and connect me with The One, who laid it all out on the horizon for me.

My heart needs more …

I pray love songs never stop making me smile and missing my love.  Romantic movies and gloomy day snuggling will always lead to holding hands and long kisses.  Being in love will be as succulent as fresh fruit and loving each other will be the tree from which it grows.

Because … I reject the routine!

Go ahead; fill up the syringe with all life has to offer around me.  No sterilization needed, thank you!  I want the grit of life and the dirt of living as part of the equation.   Let the raw pure emotion, which springs from some place deep in my divinely created being, explode all over my face and pour out my eyes.

Because … I refuse to accept the mundane!

Plunge the needle deep inside me.  Pump my veins full of the high octane, nitro burning fuel of unbridled experience, which rushes to my heart until it pounds my chest. Move my feet; make them dance and always running toward life.  Keep my arms reaching outward and my hands grabbing to bring closer all the things offered to me by God, every day.

Because … I don’t want to be normal!

Sunrise - October 9 010In every day, beauty reveals itself in everything.

In every hour, God displays his brilliant handiwork.

In every moment, I am allowed to be all I was meant to be.





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